Self Test

Use this brief test, to see if you’ll fit in at DocuWare..

General yes no
I have very good English speaking and writing skills
I have very good technical understanding
The use of modern technology inspires me
I'm very communicative and am comfortable approaching people / working with others
I have repeatedly shown commitment and initiative in the past
Taking on responsibility for new tasks motivates me
Additional Questions for Software Developers yes no
I have completed my studies in computer science, mathematics or an adjacent science
I'm open to Microsoft platforms
I already have experience in the development of software and design
Additional Questions for Sales Professionals yes no
I have completed my studies in business administration, information systems, or industrial engineering
I have very good knowledge in the areas of DMS/ECM and BPM
I have experience in the direct sale of software solutions
I can analyze business processes

Test results

If you could answer with a clear "Yes" at least 4 of the questions in the “General” subject area, we look forward to your application. Interested in a position in software development or sales and meet the specific additional requirements? Then, we congratulate you on entering the pole position for your career with DocuWare!