Student Internship

Are you still trying to figure out your career plans? No problem! An internship can help you find the right way.

Our various internships

  • Career-oriented student internship
  • Voluntary holiday/school vacation internship
  • Structured general internship

Are you interested in the IT industry? Would you have fun in a technical profession?

It’s probably worth saying that fun is a relative term as part of your work life. But a lot of joy can be derived from a pleasant working environment, from being part of a team with other colleagues and management, from successfully completing tasks and simply savoring the work itself.

So whether you can find joy from your work largely depends on you and your own attitude as much as it does from other external circumstances. It’s therefore very important that when looking for a job that you find something that interests YOU today and for several years, providing fulfillment and a venue for your personality to thrive.

Fortunately, at this point in your life, you "only" need to select a place to have an internship; it DOESN’T determine your future professional career. But carefully choosing an internship can help you make good decisions down the path.

So here’s an opportunity – make the most of it!

So why not get started by practicing the interviewing process. Here are some tips … we look forward to receiving your application.